Finex 1 QT CAST IRON SAUCE POT giveaway


Super excited for this great giveaway with Finex. To enter, simply follow Lena’s Kitchen Blog & Finex Cookware on Instagram and tag your friends in the comments section to spread the word! Fill out the form below and you will be entered in a drawing to win a 1 Quart Cast Iron Sauce Pot ($125). The contest ends December 23rd 12:00 pm PST so be sure to get your entries in by Friday!

See below for the full contest rules… (more…)

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Can’t believe that Christmas is around the corner. I am excited for this week because my birthday is on the 17th and my husband and I are adventuring out to the mountains to cozy up by the fire, enjoy some jacuzzi time, eat some yummy eats and drink some tasty drinks. But before we head out, I wanted to share this super easy idea for your holiday gifts. Flavored salts are so easy to make and I bet you have everything in your cupboards and refrigerator to make these great gifts.

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shortbread cookies three ways


shortbread-cookies_lenasktichenblog12Holiday baking at my house is in full swing. We are baking dozens of these shortbread cookies to give away to friends, family, teachers and coworkers. I love this time of the year when the weather outside is cold, but it’s nice and cozy inside. We wear our pajamas most of the day while playing christmas tunes and making the house smell great while baking. There is nothing better than the combination of butter, flour and sugar to make these easy cookies. But I figured why not elevate them a bit and make three different flavors this year, every bite will be special. (more…)

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crispy smashed potatoes with roasted garlic, parmesan & balsamic shallots


lenaskitchen_smashed-potatoes_finalI could never turn down a crispy potato, friends. These are so delicious! I’m assuming you don’t have leftover potatoes in your fridge right now so I wrote this recipe starting with raw yukon gold baby potatoes. So excited to share this recipe with you for these crispy smashed potatoes topped with roasted garlic, balsamic shallots, freshly grated parmesan, lemon zest and green onions! These are heavenly and are sure to please all your guests. (more…)

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Kroger Blogger Banquet


Cincinnati from aboveI have been working with Kroger for a year now doing recipe development for them. So when I got an invite from them a few months ago to attend their first blogger banquet in Cincinnati, I was all in for sure. There was so much anticipation and excitement for the trip. My friend Holly of The Modern Proper and I came the night before and got to explore the city a bit, grab some dinner and take a nice stroll through the city. What a gorgeous city, have you ever been? It was my first time. The beautiful architecture of this city, old touches of history of the buildings, the renovations of new parts of the city were all so much fun to explore.


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Wolf Gourmet, smoothie, tacos & plum tartine


Remember me posting about how excited I was about attending Feast Portland about a week or so ago. Well I can’t wait to share some of my favorite photos of food I tried in the next post. But for now I will share a bit about my new kitchen appliances from Wolf Gourmet.

wolf-gourmet-blender-lenaskitchenblog_smoothieI got to work with Wolf Gourmet and shoot some photos for them at Feast this past weekend. Their products are so sleek, modern, powerful and just stunning. I was so glad to add some of their products to my kitchen collection, especially excited about the beautiful blender. I created a quick healthy smoothie before heading out for the day of feasting. (more…)

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Feast Portland 2016


You guys, I am super stocked to finally attend Feast Portland this year. It’s next weekend and I am getting excited to eat some incredible food and taste different cuisines and have some tasty drinks as well. This is the 5th year that Feast is happening in Portland and I get to be there, finally… SO EXCITED. I’ll be putting on my stretchy pants and walk off the food as much as possible during the events. And most likely will need to do a cleanse after, to survive, but it will be all worth it, for sure.

aubrielegault_sandwich_001Photo credits of both images to Aubriele Gault from the sandwich invitational.

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mini Chicken Pot Pies


lenaskitchen_chicken-pot-pie_final1This fall weather has me feeling all sorts of good feelings these days. It’s now the end of summer, school began 2 weeks ago and the weather has been getting a bit chilly. But, I am excited to cozy up by the fire, wear sweaters and boots, watch the leaves change outside. One of the best things about fall coming is turning on the oven to cook our dinners at home to make the house smell good and feel cozy too. I’m kind of obsessed with these mini chicken pot pies. They taste like the ultimate comfort food and are the perfect meal to have on-hand when you only need one serving at a time or you are feeding your family.



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