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Welcome everyone to the much anticipated LENA’S KITCHEN BLOG launch. I’m excited to finally get my blog going after a much anticipated time. Thank you all who have pushed and supported me to start this new journey. I would also like to thank my amazing friend Tracy for all her technical guidance, which helped launch this blog.

My culinary journey began when I moved out on my own at 18, which meant I had to learn to cook. I use to call my mom every day to ask her how to make the basics, such as boiling an egg, how long do you cook potatoes for, and how does this and that work. My mom is a great chef, and for some reason when I was younger, I wasn’t as passionate about it. So it took me a few years to get it, but now I am so joyous when in the kitchen. I love the process of cooking, and everything that comes with it. Now my mom and I have conversations about food all the time, and share recipes.

My first book that I purchased, was by Jamie Oliver called Jamie’s Kitchen. I still have the book, and I love cooking meals out of it from time-to-time. I love how free spirited he is with his cooking. I think that’s where I drew my inspiration in how to be a better chef, and be really creative with my ingredients. I learned how to make basic pasta, pizza dough, fish dishes, and one of my favorite desserts…Poached Baked Pears in pastry with dark chocolate and almonds.

I am excited to have this opportunity to share my passion for cooking, my tips and tricks, and my favorite tools to use. And if you, my lovely followers, have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. Lastly….let’s cook and have fun!



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