Join us for a Russian Underground Dinner Experience in our backyard. My mom and I will be sharing some of our favorite Russian/Ukrainian dishes with you.

Starters and drink included in your admission ticket :
Pirozki (fried dough filled with meat and potatoes)
Cheese spread with paprika and scallion served with lavash
Blini with sour cream, smoked salmon and red caviar
A glass of (alcoholic beverage) Wine, Russian beer or
(non-alcoholic beverage) Kvas or Kompot
*** These will be served family style and you will be able to enjoy each dish.

All other dishes will be served as small plates that can be shared with another person or on your own. These dishes will be a la carte and will range in price from $3-7 per plate. You will be able to choose your dishes before you arrive to the dinner.

Salad Options :
Herring under a fur coat – herring, potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, mayo, eggs
Olivie Salad – potato, carrot, peas, eggs, pickles and smoked kielbasa with mayo
Fresh green cabbage and cucumber salad

Main Course Options :
Pelmeni with chicken tossed in buttered broth with garlic and vinegar, garnished with dill
Shashlik – filet mignon (shish kabobs) with baby potatoes and grilled green onions
Pilof – Rice, garbanzo beans, carrots, onions served with homemade pickled items

Dessert Options:
Oreshki – Dough filled with caramel and walnuts
Trubochki – Puff Pasty shaped like a cone and filled with cream
Markiz cake made with dough, cream, walnuts, meringue, poppy seeds

DRINKS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE – Wine and Russian beer options for alcohol. Non-alcoholic options will be Kvas and Kompot.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking link below:
Eventbrite - Russian Underground Dinner Series

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